Terms & Conditions of StayVillas

Terms & Conditions of StayVillas

1. You hereby guarantee that all the information and documents furnished by you are true and correct to the best of your knowledge and information and if any of this is found to be false/forged/fabricated then we/Company reserves a right to immediately terminate the agreement and do the needful.

2.. Any fixture or repair or painting was done from an unauthorized garage shall strictly not be accepted and the car will be sent to the authorized service centre to get it fixed and rental and other incidental charges shall be charged accordingly.

3. A Maximum speed limit of 80kmph (Highways) and 30kmph (Incity) is allowed on cars.

4. Any Extension or delay should be informed prior and can only extend with the permission of the company and any extension without permission will lead to termination of the Deposit as it may cause inconvenience to the next customer.

5. If the car is returned in a filth condition or with any odours that might cause inconvenience to the next customer will lead to a charge for Car wash or Interior Cleaning.

6. The Customer should inform about the route or places he would be travelling and driving to a different route or area will lead to termination of deposit and shall lead to legal escalations.

7. The car should not be misused or used for any illegal/ activities and any escalations shall be responsible by the customer and will pay all the incidental charges that occurred to overcome the issue.

8. Drunken Driving is strictly prohibited while driving the car and the client will be penalized to pay any challans that may be raised while using the vehicle.

9. Cost of fuel to be entirely borne by the renter. An amount of fuel will be given with the car, the renter needs to return the car with the same amount of fuel or more if the car is to be picked up from the Client given location.

10. Valid Driving License, Valid Passport / Adhaar ID Card, Current Residential Address Proof.

11. There may be delays, interruptions and/or other problems with the information and services owing to unforeseen circumstances or Force Majeure Causes and in such situation renter/client agrees not to assert any claim/legal action against Company. Rates & Rules are subject to change without prior notice.

12. The client/ renter will be fully and solely responsible for the daily upkeep, Police Challans, Traffic violations, vehicle/vehicles parts stolen, interstate taxes, tolls, minor maintenance of the car, accident/s, any offences, misuse or illegal use of a car, and the Company will not be liable to pay any amount on any account including any compensation claims. In fact, you indemnify Company against all such claims and damage caused. In case of any accident, damage caused or for any reason whatsoever renter/client will not abandon the vehicle/car at any place but contact the Company representative and follow the instructions designed for client care and administration convenience in such an unforeseen circumstance.

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